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Implications of not having 'reglement des pompiers"

Pimonaute assidu
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Implications of not having 'reglement des pompiers"

Looks like "reglement des pompiers" can be made by any IPI certified profession syndic.

I am a non-professional syndic for our own apartments, owner of two of three apartment in a small 'maison de'maitre' converted to apartments.

I don't remember ever seeing any 'reglement des pompiers' when we are managed by professional syndic. I know one of our apartments is stuck in sale process as it do not comply with fire safety regulations.

We have a mazhout based install for central heating for all apartments and individual gas boilers, at least 2 in each apartment, for hot water in kitchen & bathroom.

(1) As a Non-professional syndic, what are my responsibilities to ensure our building in fire safety regulations compliant?

(2) Are there any rules we need to follow that gas or mazhout based heating systems inside apartments are maintained once a year or once in two years

(3) Is it a must that we call 'certified gas (or mazhout)  installers' for maintaining or repairing gas based (or mazhout) based heating installations? 'certified gas installers' - Are they only needed for new install or even maintaining existing installs? If yes, How to verify if they are 'certified gas (or mazhout) installer

(4) In case of any fire accident, on what circumstances  will the building or individual fire insurance per apartment will refuse pay any claim ?


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Pimonaute non modérable
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Re : Implications of not having 'reglement des pompiers"

Fire safety regulations are made by the commune or city. You should ask them if there is such a regulation.

Il can imply work in the commons of the building (fire extinguisher, safety light on battery (bloc secours), pictograms indicating "exit" or "emergency exit", width of stairs, emergency stairs outside of the building for some appartments, etc) and work in each appartment (fire resistant doors for each appartment, fire alarm,...)

Once you have this regulation, you will know what you have tot do.

If one sale is blocked by the fire regulation, il is a big surprise to me. The Notaire never ask anything to the firemen...

It probably means that the commune was somehow involved in the process. You can also ask the firemen if there is a report on your building.

N'envie pas les autres. Tu ne sais pas ce que l'avenir leur réserve...

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Pimonaute incurable
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Re : Implications of not having 'reglement des pompiers"

You should follow what grmff has explained.

In addition you can contact your building or individual fire insurance, but do it after you have contacted the local municipality. You must do it if you do receive from the fire men a “rapport des pompiers” or similar.


Some days ago a fire has killed two students in Leuven. The fire men of cities with students have put the problem of the fire protection regulations on the priority list of the regional Flemish administration.
The house was known by the local fire men as a one family home and not as a student home with about 10 kots spread on three floors.
More info about this fire in English (translation of the regional VRT news):
- 31/01/2014
- 01/02/2014



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Pimonaute assidu
Lieu : Brussels
Inscription : 15-09-2011
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Re : Implications of not having 'reglement des pompiers"

Thanks you both, Grmff and Luc.

Grmff, You are right. It was just not due to fire regulation the building sale has been stopped. Looked like the commune intervened due to unapproved changes inside that apartment.

Will follow both of your suggestions for ensuring compliance..

Thanks a lot!


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