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Do I Need to pay taxes I I rent my second apartment in the same building ?

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Do I Need to pay taxes I I rent my second apartment in the same building ?

Hello Forum,

I am living in a ''maison de maitre" in Brussels capital region. It is more like a penthouse which has been split into three apartment
I own both ground floor and first floor apartment.  I am in the process of buying the last apartment in this small building.

We are living in one apartment;  If I succeed in purchase, I may use it for our own family as a duplex apartment or may consider renting it out to a private person as an unfurnished apartment.

We have already rented out another apartment in this building  to a private person as a unfurnished apartment. I am considering to rent out second apartment as well. If this happens I would be renting two individual apartments for private persons as unfurnished.

I am a Belgian citizen. Only my family is living in one of these apartments.  Neither my wife nor me have any income in Belgium.  I am living and working in a Non-EU country currently and do not pay any taxes in Belgium. This situation may change if I get a job in Belgium and move back to Belgium. We are already paying cadastral taxes annually for the two apartments we own already.

-(1) Do I Need to pay any extra taxes in Belgium I I rent my second apartment in the same building ?
-(2) What will be the tax implications if I rent one or both apartments as furnished apartments?
-(3) Is it illegal to rent out an apartment in Brussels to AirBNB, for a few weeks in a year, while my family lives there most of the time?
-(4) What happens to taxation on rental income in Belgium if I become non-resident in Belgium(move to a non-eu country ) and only rent out apartments in Belgium?

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Re : Do I Need to pay taxes I I rent my second apartment in the same building ?

Lots of good questions...

(1) If you have only 2 appartments for rent, I think that you will not need to make any fiscal declaration in Belgium, and that you will be under the minimum taxable revenue. You can make simulation on taxweb

(2) If you rent furnished or unfurnished, it is very different taxwise for a belgian citizen (I mean for some one living in Belgium) If not registered and no separation of the rent for appartment and furniture, furniture rent will be considered as 40% of the rent. You will get a 50% deduction forfaitaire, and be taxed on the remaining 20% as for stock: 25%

(3) AirBNB and other tourist appartment is now under scrutiny by the autorities.  Nothing is decided yet, but it could be any minute. Don't count on it on the long term.

(4) I guess it will depend upon your country of residence, the conventions against double taxation between the countries, etc. Check the country you plan to live in. As for Belgium, worst case I think will be "full tax", meaning the "précompte immobilier" and the IPP beeing "cadastre indexed topped by 40%" as "immobilier income" in case 1106, from which you can deduct the interest of your prêt hypothécaire.

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