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Lease for non-domicile election

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Re : Lease for non-domicile election

I don't think it is not allow to sign a primary residence contract. But a landlord will be better with  a secondary residence contract.

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Re : Lease for non-domicile election

No this is not possible. If he doesn't want to register at the town hall, he can only sign a  a secondary residence contract --> no protection at all, main residence contract law (that protects very much tenant's rights) will not be applicable.

But if he has a long term job in Belgium, and is employed by a company with a Belgian contract, he needs to be registered at the commune to get a National Number (necessary to have a "mutuelle" in Belgium ad to profit of all the social security rigths foreign employees in Belgium do have)!

Moreover it is compulsory by Belgian laws for every non-Belgian who wants to RESIDE in Belgium for longer than 3 months to register at the town hall....

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Lease for non-domicile election


A tenant would like to sign a lease for an apartment that will be occupied part-time as he has his full time residence in another EU country, but spends a significant amount of time in Brussels for a long-term consultancy role. Given his main residence abroad, he would elect not to indicate that this will be a primary domicile.

What type of contract is appropriate in this situation? Is it a common law lease or a secondary residence contract as modeled on this website? Is it possible to enter into a primary residence contract and not be registered in the municipality?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

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